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Choosing the perfect floor covering is extremely important, especially when you have a busy household, but a professional flooring installation is just as vital for an excellent flooring experience. This process not only assures a flawless installation of your chosen materials but also ensures your ongoing peace of mind as long as you own your flooring. You won't want to miss this information, as it could save so much in the end.

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When you need the best services possible, such as with hardwood floor installation, it’s crucial to choose a reputable company with plenty of experience. With this material, it’s important to not only have all the necessary tools of the trade, but it’s also important to understand how the flooring reacts under specific circumstances. Hardwood requires a particular time of acclimation and often need an expansion gap, especially in humid spaces.

For carpet flooring, a variety of special tools are also necessary to ensure your floors do not bald, bunch, or wear out prematurely. Attaching the edges of the flooring, the seams, and properly stretching the product is vital to the intended lifespan of the flooring as well as to the manufacturer’s warranty. Once these floors are installed correctly, you’ll enjoy them for decades before replacement is necessary.

Even easy to install materials such as laminate and luxury vinyl can benefit from professional installation. It saves you time but also ensures you only pay for the precise amount of flooring installed in your home. Better still, leaving the installation to the professionals allows you to spend your time on more important things like spending time with family or running important errands. When you're ready to get started on your flooring project, be sure to stop by and speak with us about all your requirements.



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If you're looking for a flooring company in Sarasota, FL that provides professional flooring installation, International Wood Floors is your one-stop flooring shop. We not only offer outstanding flooring materials, but we have our in-house installation team, complete with the most up to date tools and training necessary for excellent results. We install flooring in the areas of Sarasota, FL, so be sure to contact us or stop by anytime to speak with a flooring specialist about your own project and plans. We look forward to providing you with an excellent flooring installation.