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Covid-19 response

Dear Customer,

We at International Wood Floors take public health, safety and well-being very seriously. We recognize that right now our state, nation and world, are battling an invisible threat – the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is a very serious virus and threat to many. We are back to almost normal, and are open for business. Our offices are open and the showroom is open, Monday through Friday from 8-5 and on Saturdays by appointment only. We value you, and our community and want to make sure to keep a clean and healthy workplace for all. We are twice daily disinfecting all major surfaces where people touch and grab. We have hand sanitizer that is available for customer usage. We have tissues for you, and are making sure to keep the showroom and all areas of the office and restrooms clean. We will be sure to maintain, to the very best of our ability, the 6 feet away social distancing principle.

All employees will make sure and certain to wash their hands regularly and we have made both the hand sanitizer and the restrooms available to you, our customers, for the same purpose. We are also requiring and making sure that any employee who thinks or seems to have symptoms, stay home until they are well and can come back to work. We want to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to make you feel most at ease during these uncertain times. As to the measurements, installations and construction side of things, we are willing to go the extra mile and wear masks and gloves. We are willing to make sure our workers are sanitary in all their actions. We are willing to keep at least 6 feet away from customers both in and out of their homes, as often as is possible and permitting by job environment. We are all in this together, and must seek to be and remain a united front, as we continue to fight this invisible threat.